Filip Farkaš

--> Freelancer | Programmer

    -> Who I am
    I am programming for years already. I am primary working on different kind of websites from portfolios, informing websites, E-shops, administration systems, logistics websites to complete tailor-made sites. I know how to create programmatical graphs or statistics and I have a lot of experiences in Photoshop. I was also doing a lot of 2D games built in Javascript|Java and I like to speculate with mathematics and functions in programming languages. In addition I already got a lot of knowledge of cryptocurrency already for few years and I own youtube channel with more than 30000 subscribers.

    -> Experiences
    HTML and CSS is must-know. Quality of design and responsivity is guaranteed. I have solid experience and skill in PHP and Javascript, but I did programming with Java and C# also. I have great experiences with GIT, CDN, optimalisation of SEO, PPC marketing and creating graphics designs. I was also working on a bigger complete automated administrative projects such as logistics in a transportation company and I have built a system for controlled animal husbandry. In addition I was also doing telegram bots and trading bots based on specific algorithms and I can help with implementation of cryptocurrency payments into CMS or tailor-made websites.

    -> Price
    The price always differs from the complexity and time. Prices are indicative.
    > Tailor-made programming 25€/hour
    > Basic SEO optimalisation starting at 75€
    > Programming custom design from PSD + responsivity starting at 300€
    > Basic website - portfolio|information|onepage, design + responsivity, contact form + Email, sections Home|Services|About us|Contacts starting at 500€
    > Basic website (all above) + full quality E-shop altogether starting at 1400€
    > Huge administrative, intern and automated systems with logistics, security and dynamics complete tailor-made starting at 5000€
    > Setup secure cryptocurrency payments to CMS or tailor-made starting at 400€

    -> Current status
    > Learning frameworks: Laravel, Vue JS, Node JS
    > In addition, of course, I have contracts of various kinds

    -> Contact
    E-mail >> filfareu@gmail.com
    Number >> +421914284915
    Facebook >> link
    Instagram >> link
    Telegram >> link